Gilligan’s Fire Island


By Jamie Morris

Produced by David M. Moretti
Directed by Matthew Randall

June 2017

Theatre on the Run
3700 S. Four Mile Run Drive | Arlington VA 22206

YouTube sensation Cody Tanner boards a ferry headed to Fire Island for a gay weekend of fun and performance.  When a drag queen knocks Cody overboard during a rendition of “Let It Go” from Frozen, he washes up on the shore of this (somewhat familiar) uncharted desert isle.  The castaways haven’t aged a day in 50 years, and are excited to welcome a handsome young man to the island.  Ginger snaps for Cody, who seems to have his eye on The Professor, which really burns Mary Ann’s coconut biscuits. The millionaire Thurston Howell III is also strangely inspired by Cody, but what of Lovey?   The Skipper tries to keep things afloat, while his little buddy Gilligan keeps making waves.  Double entendres, coconut cuisine, beguiling banter behind the bamboo, and a rescue plan that just might work…?  Join us here each week of the run, you’re sure to get a smile, from seven stranded castaways and a special guest star, here on Gilligan’s Fire Island!