Press Release: Last Summer At Bluefish Cove Written, Directed, Produced By Women With An All Female Cast

Organization: Dominion Stage

Performances: Gunston Theatre 2, 2700 S Lang Street, Arlington, VA 22206

(Arlington, Virginia, October 11, 2019)  Dominion Stage breaks new ground with Jane Chamber’s Last Summer at Bluefish Cove, a beautiful lesbian love story set at an idyllic seaside village with an all-female cast, female director and producer.

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Seven lesbian friends settle in for a seaside stay when the unexpected arrival of a straight woman who just left her indifferent husband in the city, puts them in jeopardy of being outed.  Over the summer the friends become a new kind of family to replace those they have lost.

Bluefish is a story about how queer people find and create family that supports them in good times and bad.  One character RITA, played by Christine Tankersley was a math teacher but when her father found out she was gay, he turned her into the school board for being a lesbian.  Another character KITTY, played by Judy Lewis is a famous feminist author, who wrote the roadmap to the feminist movement who is in the closet.  If KITTY were to be outed she would lose everything.

Chambers gives us a moment in time when second-wave feminism was on the rise but threatened by a growing concern over the inclusion of lesbians in the movement. The fractures in modern feminism only have found cohesion today in third-wave feminism.

Carolyn Jane Chambers was born in Columbia, South Carolina, but grew up in Orlando, Florida. She wrote Bluefish to process the death of a dear friend who died of cancer only to die of cancer two years after her own diagnosis.  Her partner and manager Beth Allen would stay by her side till the end on Long Island in 1983.  

In an interview with the New York Times, Chambers said that she based Bluefish Cove on her beloved home on Long Island. There are clues that she has in the play to tell us that it is on Long Island, but there is a Bluefish Cove in Massachusetts, with the same sleepy seaside resort, and the same bar she references in the play.  Could it be that she is hiding the real Bluefish Cove?

ABOUT THE DIRECTOR:  Sharon Veselic long-time fixture of the lesbian community, former manager of the now-closed Phase One lesbian bar, directs this stunning love story with heart and soul.

“The characters that Chambers creates are so memorable and real.  I lived in New York when the play ran in the East Village in the early 80’s and I can tell you, I knew these women.”

ABOUT THE CAST:  Featuring a cast of actors, including the well known to the DMV theater community:  Lori Brooks (LIL) | Katie Raymond (EVA) | Judy Lewis (KITTY) | Heather Plank (ANNIE) Bryna Parlow (RAE) | Christine Tankersley (RITA) | Lindsey June (DONNA) | Gayle Nichols-Grimes (SUE).

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