Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson by Alex Timbers, with music and lyrics by Michael Friedman

Director: Danielle Guy

Music Director: David Weinraub and Robbie Taylor

Executive Producer: Jennifer Lyman

Assistant Executive Producer: Michael Page


14 roles available; We highly encourage and request actors of all genders, race, and orientation.  Due to the content, actors must be at least 21 years old upon date of auditions.

Audition, Callbacks, and Rehearsal Location:

Arlington Cultural Affairs Building
3700 South Four Mile Run Drive
Arlington, VA 22206

Audition Dates:

Monday, October 7 and Tuesday, October 8

s begin at 7:00 pm
Last Sign in at 8:45pm

Callbacks by invitation:

Saturday, October 12, 10am

Performance Dates:

January 31, February 1, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, all at 8pm

Performance Location:

Gunston Arts Center – Theatre Two (@Gunston Middle School)
2700 South Lang Street
Arlington, VA  22206

Audition Notes:

While Dominion Stage will be taking pictures and providing an audition form, please bring an up to date resume and photo to attach if available.

All roles are unpaid and volunteer. All roles are open and not pre-cast. If cast, you must join Dominion Stage as a Production Member ($25) and in return will receive two (2) complimentary tickets to this Production. Members also get membership viewing of Dominion Stage’s next two scheduled productions, Hand to God and TBD (we have not announced our 71st Season).

Rehearsals will start October 16th. Monday through Thursday, and Saturday rehearsals until we approach Tech and Opening. NO Sunday rehearsals or performances.

ALL CAST MEMBERS will be scheduled to attend a number of set build nights, Load-in to the theatre, and Strike.

What to prepare:

Please prepare at least 20 bars of a rock song, or musical song similar in style to that of the show.  An accompanist will be provided.  If you play guitar, please feel free to accompany yourself.  Music is required; please no acapella auditions.

This play is R rated due to language and subject matter.

Questions:  For questions regarding this specific production, please feel free to contact the director at:

Character Descriptions:

Andrew Jackson – A roguish, man’s president who is deeply charming and sexy, yet is also an extremely violent, arrogant, bigoted idiot that fights for what he believes in.

  • Vocal range top: Bb4
  • Vocal range bottom: Bb2

Martin Van Buren – Jackson’s right hand man who is in over his head. He is a well-intentioned buffoon who is utterly lovable. Can double as other roles.

Rachel Jackson – Jackson’s deeply religious and devoted wife who is strangely alluring, yet not overtly sexual. Can double as other roles.

  • Vocal range top: B4
  • Vocal range bottom: A3

The Storyteller – A milquetoast, oppressively good-natured, history-loving narrator that has not had much excitment in her life.

John C. Calhoun – A sinister, good-looking, charming, and brilliant gentlemen senator from the South who is a vain mastermind. Can double as other roles.

  • Vocal range top: F3
  • Vocal range bottom: B2

Henry Clay – An over-the-top, vivacious, tall, cadaverous, and villainous senator with greasy hair who wears weasel pelts. Can double as other roles.

  • Vocal range top: A3
  • Vocal range bottom: D3

James Monroe – Foppish and overwhelmed old-school President of the United States. Can double as other roles.

John Quincy Adams – The former President’s whiney, spoiled, and demanding son who really wants to be president. Can double as other roles.

  • Vocal range top: E4
  • Vocal range bottom: B2

Black Fox – Native American chief who is intelligent and somber with a hint of danger. He used to have an alliance with Jackson.

Male Soloist – Brooding, intense rocker with powerful, emotive indie rock voice. He is angsty, good-looking, young, and hip. Can double as other roles.

  • Vocal range top: E4
  • Vocal range bottom: D3

Female Soloist – Self-confident, attractive singer with powerful, emotive indie rock voice. Dark, mysterious, hip vibe. Can double as other roles.

  • Vocal range top: B4
  • Vocal range bottom: G3

Lyncoya – Adopted Native American son of Andrew Jackson who has a sweet disposition with a wild streak.

Ensemble – Various Frontiersmen; Indians; Soldiers

All characters except Andrew Jackson will be doubled.

If you have any questions regarding the production, please feel free to contact the director at: