by Jaime Morris

Produced by David M. Moretti
Directed by Matthew Randall


The surprise snowstorm chased away our potential castaways, so we will be holding additional auditions for Gilligan’s Fire Island on Monday, April 3 and Tuesday April 4, starting at 7:30pm, final check-in 9pm.

LOCATION (Auditions, Callbacks, Rehearsals, and Performances)

Theatre on the Run
3700 S. Four Mile Run Drive | Arlington VA 22206

Parking available behind and around the building.


June 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17

(Note: We may include the cast in the DC Pride Parade on Saturday evening, June 10, in lieu of a performance, and add a Wed evening or Sunday matinee performance)

YouTube sensation Cody Tanner boards a ferry headed to Fire Island for a gay weekend of fun and performance. When a drag queen knocks Cody overboard during a rendition of “Let It Go” from Frozen, he washes up on the shore of this (somewhat familiar) uncharted desert isle. The castaways haven’t aged a day in 50 years, and are excited to welcome a handsome young man to the island. Ginger snaps for Cody, who seems to have his eye on The Professor, which really burns Mary Ann’s coconut biscuits. The millionaire Thurston Howell III is also strangely inspired by Cody, but what of Lovey? The Skipper tries to keep things afloat, while his little buddy Gilligan keeps making waves. Double entendres, coconut cuisine, beguiling banter behind the bamboo, and a rescue plan that just might work. Join us here each week of the run, you’re sure to get a smile, from seven stranded castaways and a special guest star, here on Gilligan’s Fire Island!


7 men

  • Cody Tanner: You Tube star, out gay, 20’s, self-absorbed, entitled, twink type, with an excellent physique and flamboyant mannerisms. Must be comfortable appearing shirtless
  • Gilligan: 20s-30s, lean, goofy type
  • Skipper: 30s-50s, stocky body, Daddy bear type
  • Professor: 30s-40s, DILF nerd type
  • Ginger: 30s, tallish, seductive, self-centered, usually speaks in Marilyn’s trademark whisper
  • Mary Ann: 30s, short to average height, mid-western all American girl type
  • Thurston/Lovey Howell: (Same actor plays both roles) 40’s +, patrician, snobbish, condescending; bonus points for New England preppy lockjaw accent


  • The conceit of the show is that men play all the roles, including the female characters. We will be presenting this show in this manner.
  • Other than Cody, the characters should be strongly modeled on the Gilligan’s Island television series
  • As in the television series, the presentation style will be broadly comic. We are looking for actors who can express this in their auditions.
  • Ages are suggested, based on the television series, and are not set in stone
  • Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script
  • Auditioners will be asked to note any potential conflicts from April 5-June 17
  • Regarding costumes and wigs: While not required or expected, if your preference is to audition in drag (especially those auditioning for Ginger) you are welcome to do so
  • Dominion Stage is an all-volunteer organization; no roles are paid
  • Actors must be comfortable with gay themes, sensibilities, humor, and the like.

Questions?  Email

Watch for details on auditions for our Theater for Young Audiences Production – COMING SOON!